John Musembi Kyalo – He gave Makueni a hospital in a tricky mix-up!

Listen John Musembi Kyalo was a technocrat who left a rich, extensive and successful career in the civil service to join politics, becoming one of President Daniel arap Moi’s trusted and loyal Cabinet ministers. This was the minister reported to have used trickery to put up a multi-million shilling hospital in Makueni in his native […]

James Charles Nakhwanga Osogo – The politician who might have become a priest, or maybe a soldier

Listen What comes to mind when one converses with James Charles Nakhwanga Osogo is William Shakespeare’s dictum in the play titled As You Like It: “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts…” At […]

Jeremiah Joseph Mwaniki Nyagah – Teacher who left a political dynasty

Listen Jeremiah Joseph Mwaniki Nyagah is best remembered as a politician who opted to retire from politics to a village life, having served with distinction in the ministries of Agriculture and Education. Born at Igari, Embu, on November 24, 1920, Nyagah started primary education in 1925 at the Anglican Missionary School at Kabare in present-day […]

Jeremiah Kiereini – Taking the heat at the helm of the Civil Service

Listen As Kenya approached independence, a young Jeremiah Kiereini was employed by the colonial government as part of a ‘pipeline’ constituted to ‘rehabilitate’ Mau Mau detainees. This was 1955 and marked the beginning of a government career that would span three decades and see him rise through the ranks to ultimately occupy the highest post […]

John Cheruiyot – Cheruiyot’s lacklustre performance

Listen John Cheruiyot, a former Cooperative Minister, was among the people who benefitted from the infamous mlolongo (queuing) method that was used to elect leaders during the 1988 general election. Unknown to many even to people of Aldai Constituency before, Cheruiyot became the minister after his Tindiret counterpart was sacked hardly nine months into his […]