Charles Wanyoike Rubia – The Starehe MP who paid heavily for seeking reforms

Listen Charles Wanyoike Rubia was the first African mayor of Nairobi. Over the span of his career as a public servant, he rose to become a Member of Parliament, assistant minister and Cabinet minister before he joined the opposition movement that agitated for multipartism in the 1990s. Rubia was born in 1923 in Mariaini in […]

Charles Mugane Njonjo – Moi’s powerful constitutional affairs minister

Listen If Charles Mugane Njonjo was President Jomo Kenyatta’s powerful legal advisor and Attorney General, he wielded even more power as President Daniel arap Moi’s close and trusted Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister until an acrimonious political fallout tore them asunder. Under the Kenyatta administration, Njonjo held the Sword of Damocles and later played kingmaker […]

Burundi Nabwera – The all-powerful KANU secretary general

Listen Burudi Nabwera was perhaps one of the most highly educated politicians among those schooled in prestigious British institutions during colonial times. Because of this, he understood both Western capitalism and Eastern socialism, which came in useful after independence. He was appointed ambassador to the United States by President Jomo Kenyatta after independence. Under Moi, […]

Dr. Paul Adhu Awiti – From dissident and activist to cabinet minister

Listen Paul Adhu Awiti had a chequered career, rising from political detainee to Cabinet Minister both under President Daniel arap Moi’s government. Awiti never in his wildest dreams imagined that he would share a table with, let alone become a member of Moi’s Cabinet, having been blacklisted as a dissident and detained for his radical […]

Peter Castro Oloo Aringo – Minister who implemented the 8-4-4 education system

Listen It was during Peter Castro Oloo Aringo’s tenure as Minister for Education that the 8-4-4 system of education was introduced. Additionally, the Kenya Science Teachers’ College was expanded and the Kenya Technical Trainers’ College (KTTC) was launched to address the needs of the new technical education system. It was also Aringo who presented bills […]

Peter Habenga Okondo – A loose tongue proved to be his final undoing

Listen Throughout his political career that spanned the colonial years until 1990, Peter Habenga Okondo was known for being outrageously outspoken; so much so that the media commonly referred to him as a man with a loose tongue. During the 1992 multiparty election campaigns, he was quoted as chiding members of the Opposition in Busia […]