Geoffrey Kariithi – Devotion and loyalty defined this top civil servant

Listen As is the case with most governments globally, intrigue was the mainstay of the administration of President Daniel arap Moi. The higher one’s position, the more vicious the game became. During the delicate months surrounding the transition from the regime of founding President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta to that of Moi, the intrigues that played […]

Elijah Wasike Mwangale – The minister who escorted a fleeing Obote to State House

Listen ‘Chairman,’ the name by which Elijah Wasike Mwangale came to be known, was coined by President Daniel arap Moi when he was still Vice President and Leader of Government Business in Parliament. Mwangale gave Moi a difficult time on the floor of the House as a government critic during President Jomo Kenyatta’s tenure. He […]

Eliud Timothy Mwamunga – Giving trade and commerce an African face

Listen During the course of his illustrious political career spanning two decades, Eliud Timothy Mwamunga is credited with establishing a sterling track record in the eyes of his constituents as their Member of Parliament, and being instrumental in helping shape the social, political and economic future of post-independent Kenya. Born on 21 July 1935 at […]

Hon. Archbishop Stephen Oluoch Ondieki – A short but memorable tenure

Listen Stephen Oluoch Ondiek joined the Cabinet as Minister for Manpower Development in 2001 when most Nyanza leaders had abandoned KANU and President Daniel arap Moi to join the Opposition. Nyanza, and specifically Luo-Nyanza, chose to have nothing to do with Moi and his KANU regime after the reintroduction of multiparty democracy in 1992. Their […]