Hussein Maalim Mohamed – The MP who stood up for North Eastern Province

Listen One of very few Kenyans of Somali descent to have risen to positions of influence in President Daniel arap Moi’s administration, Hussein Maalim Mohamed was a politician who tactfully avoided controversy, except when it came to defending the rights of his people. He made history as the longest-serving Cabinet minister from the region formerly […]

Kimaiyo Karoney Arap Sego – The Nandi MP who wouldn’t play ball

Listen The 29 January 1988 issue of The Weekly Review news magazine carried on its cover a portrait of Henry Kosgey, the Minister for Culture and Social Services, bearing the headline ‘Man in Trouble’. Inside, the article stated that the KANU Nandi District powerbrokers at that time, Mark arap Too and Ezekiel Bargetuny, had decided […]

Julius Gikonyo Kiano -Moi ally who served in Cabinet for only one year

Listen In 1976, Julius Gikonyo Kiano was appointed to head the newly-created Ministry of Water Development, where he remained until he lost the Mbiri (now Kiharu) parliamentary seat to Kenneth Matiba in 1979. Kiano had held the seat since 1966 when it was hived off from Kangema, where he had been Member of Parliament since […]

Joseph Kirugi Laiboni M’Mukindia – A bold and articulate minister

Listen As a newcomer to politics, Kirugi Joseph Laiboni M’Mukindia took many by surprise following his dramatic victory in the 1988 General Election. Even in his home district of Meru, he was not known. He defeated two veteran politicians — Julius Muthamia and Jenaro Gituma — in the parliamentary race for Meru South-West Constituency (later […]

Joshua Mulanda Angatia – The High School Head who called out corruption in the Cabinet

Listen Joshua Mulanda Angatia is famous for having confessed his helplessness as Kenya’s Minister for Health by describing the ministry’s Afya House headquarters as “Mafia House.” Shortly after the 1992 multiparty elections when he was appointed to the ministry, a frustrated Angatia told journalists that the ‘mafia cartel’ had put road blocks everywhere. He declared […]

Joseph Kimeu Ngutu – Beneficiary of Ngei’s fall from power

Listen Joseph Kimeu Ngutu was a police officer-turned-politician who had difficulties fitting in the shoes of mercurial politician and freedom fighter, Paul Joseph Ngei. Ngutu was the beneficiary of Ngei’s fall from power when he was finally forced to resign from his Cabinet post and relinquish his Kangundo parliamentary seat in 1991 after being declared […]