Maina Wanjigi – ‘Independence decade’ technocrat who spearheaded the Africanisation process

Listen Just before independence, Maina Wanjigi was a lowly assistant agricultural extension officer being pushed around by unschooled but senior colonial officers in Nyeri District. The tables would however soon be turned as Wanjigi became the first Director of Settlement in independent Kenya, responsible for settling thousands of landless citizens. The one million-acre settlement scheme […]

Kabingu Muregi – Steadfast ‘nyayo’ follower who fiercely defended Moi

Listen James Kabingu Muregi was first elected as the Member of Parliament for Nyandarua South in 1969 and he held the seat until 1979. From 1975, Muregi also doubled as Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly following the detention of Jean-Marie Seroney. Seroney was jailed together with Martin Shikuku for dismissing the ruling party, the […]

Hussein Mohammed – The MP who stood up for North Eastern Province

Listen One of very few Kenyans of Somali descent to have risen to positions of influence in President Daniel arap Moi’s administration, Hussein Maalim Mohamed was a politician who tactfully avoided controversy, except when it came to defending the rights of his people. He made history as the longest-serving Cabinet Minister from the region formerly […]

Daniel Musyoka Mutinda – Lawyer who opposed anti-Moi campaigners

Listen When Daniel Musyoka Mutinda was appointed to head the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, it was a relatively small docket presiding over only the Kenya News Agency and the Voice of Kenya (VoK). He concentrated his efforts on improving broadcast services to reach more Kenyans through the installation of more short-wave and VHF radio […]

Mathews Joseph Ogutu – Tourism minister who spearheaded ban on game trophy trade

Listen Mathews Joseph Ogutu, the Minister for Tourism and Wildlife in President Jomo Kenyatta’s last Cabinet, was born in Uyundo Village, Sega, in Siaya District in 1931. He was an ordinary boy whose father, Julius Oduor, would later be appointed as an assistant chief. Even as Ogutu walked to Uyundo Primary School and later crossed […]