Apollinary Mukasa Mango – Implemented robust changes in the Livestock and Health ministries

Listen Veterinarian-turned-politician, Apollinary Mukasa Mango, is remembered for implementing changes to improve the livestock and health sectors in Kenya. He worked in three ministries  under President Daniel arap Moi, starting as Minister for Livestock when the position fell vacant in 1981, two years after he joined Parliament for the first time. Before entering politics in 1979, […]

Stanley Kenneth Njindo Matiba – The minister who resigned

Listen Stanley Kenneth Njindo Matiba became the first Minister ever to resign from President Daniel arap Moi’s Cabinet in 1989 after the mlolongo elections of 1988. He had been in Parliament since 1983. He became the Member of Parliament for Mbiri (later Kiharu) Constituency in Murang’a District in 1983 and was later appointed to the Cabinet as […]

Moses Substone Budamba Mudavadi – A soft-spoken but influential minister

Listen Moses Substone Budamba Mudavadi, as an influential member of President Daniel arap Moi’s government, was known as the only person other than the President to receive ‘delegations’ at his residence. He bore the nickname King of Mululu in reference to the village of his birth. Even diplomats who wanted to quickly pass certain messages from […]

Mathews Charles Onyango Midika – Firebrand MP who championed the cause of cane farmers

Listen Former trade unionist, Mathews Charles Onyango Midika, made a name for himself in politics because of his fiery debating skills and speeches inside and outside of Parliament. Midika, who was the MP for Muhoroni Constituency and a Cabinet Minister during President Daniel arap Moi’s last term of his 24-year tenure, was known for combining […]

Marsden Madoka – The suave and laid back firefighter

Listen Unlike his predecessors and successors in the Ministry of Internal Security and Provincial Administration, Major (rtd) Marsden Madoka has always given the impression of being laid back, urbane, sagacious, diplomatic and non-controversial. These rare attributes were instrumental in helping him surmount multiple security and political road blocks at a time when the country was […]

Lazarus Kipkurui Sumbeiywo – Army commander-turned-peace broker

Listen Lazarus Kipkurui Sumbeiywo, an army commander and a decorated military leader, was an integral part of President Daniel arap Moi’s administration and the chief mediator of the Sudan peace negotiations that led to the secession of South Sudan from Sudan. For 35 years Sumbeiywo was Military Assistant to the Chief of General Staff, as […]

Kyale Mwendwa – Brilliant educationist who floundered as Water minister

Listen Kyale Mwendwa was born into a polygamous family that had several children, some of whom were destined to achieve many political firsts. Their father, Mwendwa Kitavi, had seven wives and was one of Ukambani region’s pioneer colonial chiefs. Kitavi was not only a paramount chief, he was also wealthy in his own right and […]