Zachary Theodore Onyonka – The brilliant economist who defended Kenya’s interests abroad

Listen Zachary Theodore Onyonka was born on 28 June 1939 in Meru District where his father, Godrico Oeri Mairura, was a policeman. Onyonka was the second child of Oeri and Kerobina Kebati. The family moved to Kisii District after his father resigned from the police force to join the Provincial Administration as an Assistant Chief. […]

Yusuf Haji – Provincial administrator who had the President’s ear

Listen It was in 2002, at the tail end of President Moi’s regime, that Mohammed Yusuf Haji became a Cabinet minister. Until then he was a career civil servant who had worked in the provincial administration for three decades. As he was considering a much-deserved retirement, Moi plunged him into politics by nominating him as […]

Winfred Nyiva Mwendwa – An accomplished politician who scored many firsts

Listen Winfred Nyiva Mwendwa made history when she was appointed by President Daniel arap Moi as Kenya’s first female Cabinet Minister in 1992. She served as Minister for Culture and Social Services. The widow of Kenya’s first African Chief Justice, Kitili Maluki Mwendwa, the accomplished politician, now in her late 70s, has scored many firsts […]

William ole Ntimama – The Die-Hard Majimboist

Listen Once, faced with a question by an international journalist, William Ronkorua ole Ntimama thundered: “In Africa, you need some level of regimentation to be able to lead; that’s what Africans understand!” And the straight-talking, self-styled champion of Maasai community rights wasn’t apologetic at all. Ntimama, who died in September 2016, was definitely a force […]

William Odongo Omamo – Kenya’s eloquent and polished politician

Listen William Odongo Omamo will go down in history as a smooth operator, one of the few Cabinet ministers who served in the first and second governments as a Member of Parliament in an opposition zone. Like his nickname, Kaliech (like an elephant), Omamo’s contribution to Kenya’s political landscape was gigantic. On top of this, […]

William Ruto – Former ‘hustler’ with his eye on the goal

Listen As a boy, William Kipchirchir Samoei arap Ruto hawked chickens to truck drivers along the Great North Road. Today, he owns thousands of imported chickens from which he collects more than 2,500 eggs a day. The self-proclaimed ‘hustler’ who once called a mud-walled house home, today lives in a multi-million shilling mansion complete with […]

William Morogo – The roads he built helped to curb banditry

Listen William Cheruiyot Morogo’s Cabinet colleagues talk about a gentleman who got along with colleagues as well as backbenchers in the House. “He respected all and never promised what he couldn’t do,” recalled Stephen ole Ntutu, a former Minister for Tourism, while Philip Chebogel, a friend and former classmate, said, “He was a humble man […]