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Uhuru Cabinet

  • Dr Hassan Wario: From anthropologist to administrator
    Before coming to the national limelight, Hassan Gurach Wario Arero cut his teeth in academic research, accumulating experience from Kenya and England, where he had also earned one of his academic accomplishments as a Chevening Scholar at the […]

Kibaki Cabinet

  • Mukhisa Kituyi – Master of the hunt
    Just like the young David felled Goliath with just five stones, to the disbelief of onlookers, so was a modern-day ‘David’ from Kimilili determined to fell a giant of his own; not with five stones, but with tsibili tsibili, the two-finger multiparty salute. His name was Mukhisa Kituyi. Born and […]

Moi Cabinet

  • Yusuf Haji – Provincial administrator who had the President’s ear
    It was in 2002, at the tail end of President Moi’s regime, that Mohammed Yusuf Haji became a Cabinet minister. Until then he was a career civil servant who had worked in the provincial administration for three decades. As he was considering a much-deserved retirement, Moi plunged him into politics […]

Kenyatta Cabinet

  • Ramogi Achieng’ Oneko – Principled to the end
    Freedom fighter Ramogi Achieng Oneko will be remembered as a principled politician who was ready to die for his country. He was the only freedom fighter who was detained by the colonial and the Kenyatta regime, and lived to tell the story. He was in […]
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