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Uhuru Cabinet

  • Paul Kihara: A patrician’s speckled odyssey
    It is exceedingly appropriate that this account of one of the latest entrants into President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Cabinet, Paul Kihara Kariuki, begins with a focus on the seldom-remarked fact that he is a thespian of note. Throughout his schooling days, […]

Kibaki Cabinet

  • Ababu Namwamba – Critic turned defender
    On January 15, 2008, at the height of the post-election violence that erupted after the disputed 2007 election, the then 33-year-old MP stirred up drama in Parliament when he swore by “President Raila Amolo Odinga”, contrary to the prescribed oath-taking manner where officials swore by the elected […]

Moi Cabinet

  • George Kamau Muhoho – A desire to serve the people
    George Kamau Muhoho, a one-time priest who rose through the ranks of the Catholic Church administration to serve as Private Secretary to Pope Paul IV, left it all behind to enter local politics and serve his country’s people instead. He has been a Member of Parliament for Juja, served under […]

Kenyatta Cabinet

  • Joseph Zuzarte Murumbi , The art collector
    Joseph Zuzarte Murumbi was appointed second Vice-President in May, 1966, following the fallout between President Kenyatta and Vice-President Odinga. Earlier, Murumbi had been independent Kenya’s first Foreign Affairs Minister. Murumbi was born in […]
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